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About the Council on Aging Grey Bruce

Our Vision

A community that respects, values and empowers its older adult population.

Our Mission Statement

To be a collective voice supporting the experience of aging through education and leadership providing older adults with the opportunity to participate fully in society.

Board Executive Committee
    • Chair
      • Tanya Shute
    • 1 st Vice Chair
      • Lynn Silverton
    • 2 nd Vice Chair
      • Sharron Colter
    • Secretary
      • Frank Emptage
    • Treasurer
      • David Bradley
    • Members at Large
          • Randy Hughes
          • Pam McDermid
          • Wally Halliday
      • Past Chair
        • Tanya Shute
      • Communications
        • Wally Halliday
      • OACA Representative & Alternate Representative
        • David Bradley (Rep)
        • Wally Halliday (Alt)
      • Speaker Coordinator
      • Pam McDermid

The Strategy

To develop Community Advisory Committees in each of the 17 Municipalities of Grey and Bruce Counties. These Community Advisory Committees (CACs) made up of municipal residents will interface with the older adult residents in there community and bring forward their concerns and issues along with any proposed solutions they may have, to their Municipal Council and the Council On Aging. The CACs will be the eyes, ears, and conscience of the municipality in there community. Each CAC will select one of their member to sit on the Council on Aging, giving each municipality equal representation. This whole concept is designed to give older adult residents in Grey Bruce a COLLECTIVE VOICE!!!

Our COA Goals

  1. To provide older adults in Grey Bruce with a platform to make their Collective Voice heard at the Municipal, County, and Provincial levels.
  2. To encourage Municipalities to embed the Age Friendly Community concept in their strategic plans to resolve issues and concerns of their older adult residents.